Becoming A Patient

We’re delighted that you’re considering becoming a patient with our practice. We’re proud to say that our office offers the unique combination of Oriental medicine, functional medicine and dermatology. With this unique approach comes a different way of doing things when taking on new patients. To give you insight into this process, take a look at the steps to becoming a patient below.

Step 1. Contact

When you first contact our office, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork that will help us get to know you for your consultation. This is important because knowing your symptoms and past health issues is crucial for effectively helping you.

Step 2. Individual Consultation

When you come in to meet with us, you’ll be able to tell us about your concerns, your goals and what your health has been like up to this point. In addition to this, you’ll be given time to ask questions and learn more about how our practice works. If you agree that our approach is right for you, we will perform thorough exams and tests that will be based on your individual symptoms and concerns.

Step 3. Begin Care

Once your consultation has been completed and we have done a thorough evaluation of your results, you’ll be able to begin your journey with our office. This will begin with learning more about your wellness plan and why we have recommended each solution. We’ll give you the tools you need to begin making changes from day one so your health is always the main priority.

From here, we’ll schedule appointments based on your progress and individual needs. The frequency and number of appointments will vary for each patient as their health changes. However, each visit will be met with our comprehensive care and dedication to helping you feel better. We look forward to seeing you!

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